Our commitments

Our commitments

Sustainable quality.

Duralex has always designed its products and its activity with a long-term vision. Our glass products are recyclable by definition and are designed to last for decades.

The life cycle of our products is designed to minimise our carbon footprint, from the choice of French suppliers to optimise the impact of logistics on production through to packaging using non-polluting cardboard.

Our kilns are equipped with particulate filters to reduce our emissions of particles to a non-measurable level. Our production waste (defective products, but also packaging waste) is fully recycled.

In the design of our new products, we take into account the most restrictive environmental and health recommendations: for example, the lid on our glass storage boxes is manufactured in France using BPA free plastic.

Made in France: an asset for export. We have opted for "Made in France" to guarantee a high level of requirement. 99.9% of our purchases, from raw materials to packaging, are thus produced in France. Guaranteeing reliability, proximity and secured supplies, high quality know-how and reactivity: powerful arguments that bear their weight worldwide.

The proof of the matter: 80% of our production is exported.