Our commitments

Duralex is commited to the environment

Protection of our environment and of natural resources, which is critical to our wellbeing and those of future generations, is a core concern of Duralex and its employees.

At every stage of materials processing and up to the delivery of the finished product, we strive, each in our own way, to limit our use of resources.
Our products are sand-based soda-lime, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate glass. All our components are sourced as close as possible to
the processing plant, 99% in France, to reduce our carbon footprint.
So our glass, unlike boron-based culinary or pharmaceutical glass, is fully recyclable. Whether transparent or coloured, you will always be a
responsible citizen by recycling your Duralex products.
Our raw and processed materials are a key priority for us, as are energy and air quality. Duralex undertook a long-term plan to reduce consumption by installing a new latest-generation smelting plant in 2017. Our natural-gas consumption will decrease substantially as well as our energy loss across our business sectors.
We also recycle our own glass and reintroduce it into our in-house composition. This enables us to reduce our smelting temperature and thereby our energy consumption.
Last but not least, Duralex uses particulate filters to handle furnace exhaust while significantly reducing carbon oxides emissions (monoxide and dioxide) into the atmosphere. It also captures some raw materials and reintroduces them into the furnace.
Environmental protection is a daily concern and shared by every Duralex employee. It lies at the core of our strategy for more-responsible production. To get there, we need your help.